2021 Auctions Dates to Remember !

Pony Auction February 25-28

Entries Open: Jan 1
Entries Close: Feb 10

Pony Auction August 28-31

Entries Open: July 1
Entries Close: August 10

Wamrblood Auction April 27-30

Entries Open:March 1
Entries Close: April 10

Warmblood Auction September 27-30

Entries Open: August 1
Entries Close: Sept 10

Sport Horse & Ponies June 27-30

Entries Open:May 1
Entries Close: June 10

Sport Horse & Ponies Nov 27-30

Entries Open: October 1
Entries Close: Nov 10

Private farm auctions, estate sales, herd downsizing and additional auctions can be set up just for you! Contact us today to get your horses sold in a timely manner!

Upcoming Online Auctions

We are accepting entries for our April warmblood only auction. Entries will close on the 10th of the month prior to the auction. 

This is a tentative schedule and may change due to demand, additional auctions can be added if there is 10 or more horses to list. 

Sell horses quick and easy with us!

Hutter Sport Horse Auction Services is here to provide you a new and improved way of selling  horses. Tired of getting your ad revoked? Paying too much for ads that no one sees? We are here to provide you a platform to sell your high quality horses easy and hassle free.